OPEN CALL for the 2023 festival:


Deadline October 10th.


rules for the participation:

> 60 seconds / just 1 minute

> No sound

> An original film


> No credits

> Mp4 - 4:3 aspect ratio /

   (1280 x 960) Old school

* Usefull Link about the Old School Format 4:3


OCTOBER. 10th. 2023

Deadline for participation with your video (24:00 CET)

NOVEMBER. 10th. 2023

-The Festival Official Opening

The jury will present the 10 selected films for the 2023 Festival

NOV. 10th. to 19th. 2023

Public screenings daily at 10 selected locations in Copehagen, Køge and Helsingør- (16h. - 24h.)

NOV. 20th.

Festival ends

About the Festival Open Call for 2024


Are your dreams in color or in B&W?

We don´t always remember our dreams after our slepp, maybe not even their color, but for many, there is a dream, that we remember clear and bright, and that keeps coming back with some small changes, this dream is in a strange way a different but the same dream.

Will you share your dream for this year festival audiences? 

Participate in the open call by sending us a film of just one minute no sound about the color of your dreams. The best ten films will be selected by the festival jury for the urban video screening at ten locations around and in the city of Copenhagen

For more info about it, please use the link below

About the Festival :

60Seconds Festival started screening films at CPH Metro in 2006 and since then it has been sharing visions, dreams and thoughts with the audiences wandering the city.

During the festival week the festival screens the 10 films selected by the Jury in the streets and walls of Copenhagen, Helsingør and Køge, among others, daily from 16:00 - 24:00 h.

60Seconds Festival screens the movies in urban, public spaces, projecting them onto walls of buildings on the streets.

The audience of the festival is people wandering the city. In this sense the festival is an intervention in the city, providing alternative perspectives, ways of seeing, ways of browsing the city experiencing the unexpected.

The 10 best films selected by the jury are projected in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Køge and Helsingør during the festival week from 10-19 november 2023.

The Jury Prize of 10.000 DKK, will be awarded to the best film, and 1.500 DKK to each of the remaining selected films by the jury