#1 minute long

#no sound

#an original film

#no credits



#4x3 aspect ratio


Please follow the festival's technical specifications for your participating film, as the specific conditions for street screenings differ from more traditional film screenings

Film length: Exactly 60 seconds

Format: MP4
Soundtrack: Mute (no sound)
No credits should be added to the film (we will add credits to all films)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 'old TV' format

For more information on the 4:3 or 'old TV' format, you can refer to last year's jury member's tutorial by TONE OTTILIE, on how to edit your short film into 4x3 or old-school format.

To participate in the 2023 festival, please read the policy and conditions below, before applying!

Fill in the application with your film and director info, (we will use to keep you updated)

And finally send us a link to download the film to:

(*You can use WeTransfer or any other file sharing aplications)

Remember to add the correct film title and the director´s name to the film file you send

or copy this link:

Please read the Festival policy and conditions before you send your application

  1. The organizers of the 60Seconds Short Film Festival are 60Seconds.

  2. The completed application form, accompanied by the film being entered, must reach the festival before the given deadline. Please use separate entry forms for each submitted film; multiple submissions are allowed. All sections of the form must be filled out.

  3. By submitting, the applicant consents to participate in the 60Seconds Short Film Festival in Copenhagen. This includes the screening of the submitted film during the festival, as well as all related events. Furthermore, the films will be showcased on the 60Seconds Festival website for the Audience Award and documentation purposes.

  4. The 60Seconds Short Film Festival is allowed to use the films for non-commercial purposes, including presentations at other international film festivals and cultural events related to the festival.

  5. Entries for the competition must not exceed 60 seconds in length. They must also be silent and free from extreme violence and/or obscene content.

  6. The material submitted must be original and created specifically for the festival.

  7. Producers, distributors, and other organizations applying are responsible for ensuring that all necessary permissions have been fully obtained from all relevant parties before submitting a film for selection to the Festival.

  8. The festival will only accept entries where a valid email address has been included in the application form.

  9. Viewing materials will remain in the 60Seconds archive and will not be used for any purposes without the artist's consent.

  10. Films MUST NOT contain offensive, violent, or pornographic scenes. Please note that the films will be shown in public spaces and will be visible to all ages. Therefore, they will be evaluated by the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People.