The 10 films shown during the Festival are selected by a new jury of professional artists and film directors every year. 







Fryd Frydendal is a Danish artist currently based in Copenhagen Her work is included in the collection of the National Museum of Photography.

Video and installation artist, Peter Land has exhibited widely at prestigious institutions both in Denmark and many other countries.

Tone Ottilie´ has worked as a freelance director, cinematographer, and editor on commercial, fiction, and documentary projects since 2013.

Moongoo JUNG has been working in the Korenan film industry since 1998. He has produced ‘The Thieves’ (2012), which was screened at around 20 film festivals, Busan, Toronto and SITGES International Film Festival.

Educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and a master degree in Art theory and Mediation JLS teaches Digital Imaging, photography and video art. She was a founder member of Fast Video, an artist-run digital workshop,

Writer, film critic and docu-mentary filmmaker Lars Movin has published more than 30 books on Video Art, American Avant-garde Film, the New York-Downtown scene and the Beat Generation.


the Jury for 2020

The JURY for 2019

Human vs. Nature

Visual artist graduated from the Danish school of Art and Photography Fatamorgana (1996) and the International Center of Photography, New York (1997).
 She operates at the intersection of documentarism, anthropology and social intervention

Danish documentary director, producer and cinematographer since 2002. His film ‘Ai Weiwei – The Fake Case’  has been sele-cted for over 15 film festivals, nominated at IDFA’s “Feature Length Competition”,

Jacob Tækker graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Reitveld Academy in 2003. His works research human conditions using digital media, installation and performance.

the JURY for 2018

Home is...

Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2007. Her docu-mentary "Motley's Law" (2015) won a Grand Jury Prize Award at DOC NYC and a Alliance of Women Film Journalists' EDA Award. Her last film "The Stranger" (2017), won the Viewfinders Grand Jury Prize at DOC NYC 2017

He started his career running and curating independent film clubs, like NatFilm Festival in 1993, which turned to be one of the largest film festivals in Denmark. He is also a film critic and journalist for the daily newspapers Det Fri Aktuelt and Jyllands-Posten. In 2003 he co-founded the festival CPH:DOX. Since 2006 he has worked as the managing director of Grand Teatret in Copenhagen as well as the company’s distribution, Camera Film.

Danish contemporary video artist, known for her 3D film animations and sound-light installations. Ann Lislegaard shows include: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Kyoto Art Center, Tel Aviv Museum, and Belgrade Biennale.

JURY 2017

Embrace your Fears

Tomic's art documen-tary

films belong in the field of con-temporary art as well as expe-rimental and are inspired by universal and human tensions. Debuted as a documentary director with "My Lost Gene-ration" (2009), which was partly autobiographical. His feature film Flotel Europa, was presented at Berlinale-Forum 2015 and won the Jury Special Mention and Tagesspiegel Reader´s Prize. He graduated from The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1992) Eva Koch works spatially in the fields of video installation, sound and sculpture. Her works are often place-specific, interactive, and projected in urban locations revolving around shared features of human experience. She has represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale and the Biennale of Sydney, Australia.

Award winning Danish film director. Her first feature film “Small Accidents” was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002. Her dogma film "Crimes" as well as "Little Soldier" and "The Shadow" were selected for the main competition at the Berlin Film Festival and awarded for several international prizes. Besides her director work she frequently teaches at the National Film School of Denmark.

JURY 2016

Out of Focus

JURY 2015

Close Up

Animator for 30 years and founder of the studio Naked Love Film & Koppel Animation. She has been proving herself as a pioneer of hand drawn animation in questioning environmental-, gender- and -sexuality issues in short films like "1st Day & Next Minute", "Seriously Deadly Silence" and "Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness", which have been on festivals around the world and won more than 20 awards.

Studied Fine Art Photography and printmaking at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and continued his education at the International Center of Photography in New York. Initiator of projekts like: Æro Dog Days summer festival, The Triangle Project between Copenhagen, New York and Istanbul and the CO2 Green Drive Project. He defines himself as a catalyst of creative media and facilitator for cross cultural and artistic adventures.

Script consultant for a number of directors, among them Lars von Trier, Ussing has developed scripts for Nimbus, Zentropa and Bullitt Film. His movie "My Good Enemy" (2010) won the CIFEJ Jury Award and a Special Mention at Frankfurt Lucan International Children's Film Festival and "Rule Nr. 1" (2003) was selected for Chicago International Festival, Rio de Janeiro and Mannheim-Heidelberg festival.

Visual artist graduated from Goldsmiths College and Malmø Art Academy Helene Nymann has exhibited in several cities such as New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome and Athens. Nymann constructs performative environments where the moving image, sound and sculpture make way for transformative arrays of consciousness by deepening an understanding of fundamental aspects to create memories for a more sustainable future.

Film photographer from the Danish Film School, his documentaries, short films and artist portraits have made him an important figure in the Danish film- art and underground scene. His numerous experimental and portrait films includes "In / Out the Flat" (1985) with Claus Carstensen and Peter Bonde, "Thirteen" (1989), "The Place To Be" (1996), "Reading Lips" (1996), and "Lowell Celebrates Kerouac" (1998) among many others.

Copenhagen-based visual artist, originally from Paris, France. Ash started as a street artist, and was first invited to participate at "Les peintres de la ville" at the Galerie du Jour by designer Agnes B. in 1989. Ash’s newest works often use the themes of contrast between the urban environments and nature and young people's quest for identity in subcultures.

JURY 2014


JURY 2013

Conquer the City Space

JURY 2012

Human Rights

With a degree from FAMU Film School in Prague, Kaplers is a film director, writer, curator and organizer of international art exhibitions. He has produced several films and television programs, commercials and music videos and is best known for “AFR” (2007), “Gem et smil, Katrine” (2001) and “Le grand final” (2000). In 2008, he received the Carl Th. Dreyer Prize for “AFR” and for his "courage, originality and provocation”.

Documentary director, composer, and former radio host. Known for “Øjet i natten” (Eyes in the Night), which is a study of the Copenhagen rave scene and his film debut, originally presented at CPH: DOX and on DR2 in 2006. He has also created documentary films as: "Natteguide", "De grænseløse", "State of the art", "The winners" and the miniseries "Paranoide er altid foran".

Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark, 2001. Winner of the 2006 WIFT award for young film talents. Got her breakthrough with “Enemies of Happiness” (2006) who won the Silver Wolf Award at IDFA Amsterdam and World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance. “The Good Life” (2010), was selected for IDFA, HotDocs, the New York Tribeca and at the San Francisco Film Festival, and won Best Do-cumentary Award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2011.

Festival director of Interfilm Short Film Festival since its inception in 1982 - as well as director and founder of Going Underground Festival presented on Berlin’s subway trains. Interfilm Berlin has almost 6,000 entries from over 100 countries and a festival program boasting more than 400 films and is one of the largest and oldest inter-national short film festivals. Hermanns is also co-founder of the Zebra Award, a Poetry Film Festival.

French film director, illustrator and teacher, Alice de Champfleury, has lived in Copenhagen since 1980. Champfleury graduated as animation director from the National Film School of Denmark in 1998. She has directed the animated series "Ernst", which has won inter-national awards, as well as directed a number of other short films and has been teaching at the National Film School of Denmark.

Also known as Colonel is a Danish-French artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. A conceptual artist specialized in format art, created to be actualized in multiple locations, adding new knowledge to the format. In 1989 he wrote a manifesto on 5 types of moving exhibitions (Manifeste – Les différents Types d'expositions mobiles). Emergency Room, his most successful format, has toured internationally since 2006.

Independent visual- and video artist and owner of Seidlers SENSORIUM (an art project for children and young people) Seidler graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has been exhibiting around the world and has also been teaching at the National Museum of Art in Denmark. Her art revolves around identity and communication in human-animal relations in a hybrid between staged documentary, video art and anthropology.

The Danish-Argentine artist duo, internationally known for their video installation project “City on Fire” – a video illusion on a scale of 1:1, which has set virtual fire to public spaces around the world with the flame as an image of fundamental properties for the living and human existence. The installation has been made for AroS, the Cathedral of Copenhagen, and the Colosseum in Rome among others.

President of the association of Danish Film Directors. Martin Strange-Hansen is the only two time Oscar-winning director in Denmark. His graduation film from the National Danish FilmschoolFeeding Desire” won the ”Baby-Oscar” (Student-Academy-Award) as best foreign film school-film, and his short-film, ”This Charming Man” won an Oscar as best Live Action Short Film.

JURY 2011

JURY 2010

JURY 2009

Palestinian artist who studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York and cur-rently resides in London. Her work is interdisciplinary, im-mersed in the current political dialogue and utilizes video art, film and digital photography. In 2019 she was appointed by The Danish Arts Foundation to represent Denmark at the Venice Biennale. Sansour’s work has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, museums as well as film festivals.

Danish director, screenwriter and cinematographer known for creating beautiful and powerful moving images, graduated from National Film School of Denmark 2002. He quickly became a much sought-after music video director, working with artists such as James Blake, David Byrne and St. Vincent, Kanye West, Feist, Fever Ray, Glasvegas, Mew and Editors. He has won nu-merous awards around the world for his artistic music videos as well as his more commercial films.

Art group founded in 2001 and dissolved in 2010. Consisting of Heilmann, Helgadóttir and Guðbrandsdóttir working with photo, collage, installation, performance and music video and won a couple of prizes. Their work focused on the perception of gender, body and identity and was critical towards the Western self-beliefs and capi-talism. They became recognized with exhibitions in and outside of Denmark and created music videos for several big artists.

Danish-French internationally acclaimed commercial director. She spends her time between Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Caroline began her career in film working as an assistant director for Lars von Trier. She then graduated as a film director from the Danish film school Super16. Caroline has written and directed numerous award winning short films screened on film festivals as well as TV worldwide.

Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark, 2003. Michael Noer's first feature film "R"(2010), "the documentaries Vesterbro" (2007) and "The Wild Hearts" (2008) has marked him as one of the most talented danish directors of his time. "R" (2010) won top awards at Göteborg and Mumbai and the Danish Bodil and Robert and received the Nordic Film Award in 2010 and the Carl Th. Dreyer Award in 2011.

Film director. Graduated in documentary from the National Film School of Denmark, 1997. Worked for DR TV, where he made "The Party" (2000) and "Supergeil" (1997-1998)."Max by chance" (2004) was chosen for First Appearance at IDFA Amsterdam and received a GuldDok for Best Short Documentary at CPH:DOX, 2004. His film "The World in Denmark'' (2007) received a Danish Robert for Best Short Film.

Graduate in documentary direction from the National Film School of Denmark, 2009. His short films »12 Notes Down« (2008) and »Albert's Winter« (2009) have won awards at festivals worldwide, among them Full Frame Durham, Silverdocs AFI, CPH:DOX and Sheffield DocFest. His last four films were selected for IDFA where two of them were nominated. In 2009 he received the Swedish documentary award Silverfjäril.

Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Her works revolve arou-nd the Danish slave trade in the colonial times as one of the main themes. Through digitally manipulated photographs and video installations she puts The Triangular Slave Trade under the microscope. Her work is in public collections from The Danish Arts Foundation and Nordea among others as well as in private Danish and inter-national collections.

Director and writer graduated in film and media studies from Copenhagen University. His debut "First Flush" won Best Short Fiction Award at San Miguel de Allende and at Tampere Festival. In 2010 his feature film debut "Nothing's All Bad" was selected for the London and Los Angeles festival and won a Special Mention from San Sebastian International Film Festival, and the New Voices New Visions Award at Palm Springs Film Festival.

JURY 2006


Media and video artist Lisa Strömbeck graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999, and currently lives and works in Copenhagen and in Borrby. Strömbeck works with video, photography and col-lage. Strömbeck is repre-sented in major public and private collections including Moderna Museet, Uppsala Konstmuseum in Sweden, the Swanljung collection in Finland, The Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Filminstitute in Denmark.

Dramaturg and screenplay writer, from The National School of Playwriting in Aarhus,. She works as an independent playwright, and curator within the field of contemporary stage art and is also a festival organizer. Gritt Uldall-Jessen is an author of stage artistic texts in the "Free Field" of the performing arts. She is currently a board member of Danish Dramaturgs.

Danish documentarist from the National Film School of Denmark in 1970. He has made films with strong political messages, like "Palestine - Denmark, Same Struggle" (1973) and "An Oppressed People Are Always Right" (1976) and on architecture and architectural history, like "Himmelstigen" (1997). In 2010 he was awarded the Europa Nostra Conservation Prize for his tireless work in preserving old urban environments.