2012 Jury Award selection: Human Rights

Article 29

by Clara Jantzen Kreinøe, Denmark

Co-winner of the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

Western Sahara

by Elo Vega, Spain

Co-winner of the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012


by Johan Heurlin Aidt, USA/Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

HumanText (declaration 19)

by Bjørn Vestergaard Hansen, Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012


by Piet Gitz-Johansen, Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012


by Carlos S. Alvarez, Denmark

Winner of the Special Human Rights Prize 2012

No title

by Evalajka Pervin, Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

No title,

by Nanna Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Denmark/Germany

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

Looking at,

by Niels Wamberg, Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

Article 1

by Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø, Denmark

Selected for the 60Seconds Jury Award 2012

  Jury for 2012- Human Rights 

Eva Mulvad

Director. Graduate of the National Film School of Denmark, 2001.

Director of documentaries for DR TV since 1997. Winner of the 2006 WIFT (Women in Film and TV) award for young film talents.

»Enemies of Happiness« (2006) was winner of IDFA Amsterdam's Silver Wolf Award and World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance. »The Good Life« (2010), selected for IDFA, HotDocs and the New York Tribeca and San Francisco Film Festivals, took home the Best Documentary Award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2011. Co-owner of Danish Documentary Production.

Thierry Geoffroy

Thierry Geoffroy also known as Colonel, Danish-French artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Conceptual artist specialized in format art. The format art of Thierry Geoffroy is created to be actualized in multiple locations, every time adding new knowledge to the format. The method is inspired by the TV program format Thierry Geoffroy has worked with format art since 1989 when he wrote a manifest on 5 types of moving exhibitions (Manifeste – Les différents Types d'expositions mobiles).

Since then he has worked on several other formats, his most famous being Emergency Room, which has toured internationally and has been shown at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in New York.

Martin Strange-Hansen .

President of the association of Danish Filmdirectors. Martin Strange-Hansen is the only two time Oscar-winning director in Denmark. His graduationfilm from the National Danish Filmschool ”Feeding Desire” won the ”Baby-Oscar” (Student-Academy-Award) as best foreign filmschool-film, and his short-film,  ”This Charming Man” won an Oscar as best Live Action Short Film.

Martin is behind Denmarks first mobisode & webisode, the tweenie-embarrasment-galore animated series ”Pinly & Flau”, an Webby Awards Official honoree. Among his other directoral works is the feature ”True Spirit”, the tv-series ”Nynne” and the children-film ”Jensen Lives Here”. Besides that he’s a frequent lecturer and scriptdoctor.

Human Rights Special Mention Jury:

This year a special Human Rights jury will designate the film wich better aproach the Human Rights theme with a Special Mention Price of 8000. 

Mikkel Nørgaard, Film director..

Flemming Rose, Jyllands-Posten

Jonas Christoffersen, Executive Director IMR, Jonas Christoffersen.

Nukâkâ Coster-Waldau, actress.

Ulla Dyborg from the Danish Institute for Human Rights IMR.

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