We are delighted to invite artists and film-makers to participate in 60Seconds 2018

The ten best videos selected by the jury, that capture the essence of this years´s theme in a video proposal will be presented at the festival from 19-25th. February 2018 and projected in urban spaces in and around Copenhagen.


*Jury Award - 15.000 DKK.

*Audience Award - 8.000 DKK.

*Deadline for participation: 1st. February 2018

Theme for the 2018 festival:



Key words: Habitat, safety, homesick, refuge, the right to a home, migration, homeless, retreat, the making of a home.


Home provides shelter, security and the shield from where we can look at the world. Homes are an integral part of complex social structures, adapting and taking form after cultural and geographical environments.


Everyday millions from around the world are forced to flee their homes. While some search for a new safe haven holding on to the fight of building new lives elsewhere, others accept their new situation becoming a paradox of the worlds metropolis.


We are delighted to invite artists and film-makers to participate in 60Seconds open call and encourage them to capture the essence of this theme in a video proposal of one minute shorts without sound.


The ten best videos selected by the jury will be presented at the festival from 19-25th. February 2018.


Deadline for participation: 1st February 2018


#1 minute short

#no sound

#an original film

#no credits

#about: HOME IS…

#4x3 aspect ratio, mp4 film


The concept of 60Seconds Festival is unchanging and stays true to its original format. All films are subject to a theme. They cannot be longer than 60 seconds, and must be without sound. Participating artists are challenged to find creative, new ways to make their films.


All films entering the competition must relate to the theme chosen for that given year.


The 10 best one-minute films are shortlisted out of approximately 140 submissions from all around the world and gives form to the composition of film material presented to an urban audience during the festival week, setting the tone for that year's festival.


The 10 films are shown in public urban spaces during 60Seconds Festival and will be voted in by a professional jury of artists and film directors in the panel for that year.


The film winning the Jury Award is chosen by the panel. The jury will also appoint the films that will participate in the Audience Award. The films will be screened via the 60Seconds Festival website and put to public vote.


Jury Award - 15.000 DKK.


Audience Award - 8.000 DKK.


60Seconds Festival is an international competition, inviting the participation of filmmakers and film enthusiasts from Denmark as well as abroad.


One of the festival's goals is to find new talent and offer them a platform to share their artwork with a wider audience.


You can read more about the jury and view their selections online under the relevant year in the main menu.




By entering the 60 Seconds festival, you accept the festival conditions.

Please read the festival’s policy and conditions before submitting your film:


1.The organisers of 60Seconds Short Film Festival in Copenhagen is 60Seconds.


2.The completed application form, accompanied by the film being entered, must reach the festival before the given deadline. Please use separate entry forms for each submitted film, multiple submissions are allowed. All sections of the form must be filled in.


3. With the submission the applicant consents to participating in 60Seconds Short Film Festival in Copenhagen. This includes the screening of the submitted film during the festival, as well as all related events. Furthermore the films will be shown on the 60Seconds Festival website for the Audience Award and as documentation.


4. 60Seconds Short Film Festival in Copenhagen is allowed to use the films for non-commercial use, including presentations at other international film festivals and cultural events related to the festival.


5. Entries for the competition must be no longer than 60 seconds. They must also be silent and free from extreme violence and/or obscene content.


6. The material entered must be original and made for the festival.


7. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors and other applying organisations to ensure that any required permission has been duly obtained from all appropriate parties before submitting a film for selection to the Festival.


8. The festival will only accept entries where a legitimate email address has been included in the application form.


9. Viewing material remains in the 60Seconds archive and will not be used for any purposes without the artist's consent.


10.The movie MUST NOT have offensive, violent or pornographic scenes. Please note that the movies will be shown in public spaces and will be visible to all ages. They will therefore be evaluated by the Danish Media Counsel for Children and Young People.



During registration we ask for some personal details. All data will be protected and not used for any commercial purposes.