60Seconds Jury for 2017.

Vladimir Tomic’s films belong in the field of contemporary art as well as experimental documentary. Flotel Europa, Vladimir's debuting feature film was presented at Berlinale -Forum 2015 and won TAGESSPIEGEL READER’S PRIZE and

JURY SPECIAL MENTION – Peace Film Prize, and

15 other awards on major festivals in Europe.

In 1992 a wave of refugees from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached Denmark. With existing refugee camps completely full, the Red Cross pulled a giant ship into the canals of Copenhagen. The ship, Flotel Europa, became a temporary home for a thousand people waiting for decisions on their asylum applications.

The main themes in his productions are inspired by very universal and human tensions, for example between the individual identity and the changing structure of the society. Tomic’s approach to his art is always based on his own personal experiences or a first-hand observation led by empathy. Tomic is originally from Sarajevo. He graduated from The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts and is now based in Copenhagen.


Artist Eva Koch works spatially in the fields of video installation, sound and sculpture.

Eva Koch’s art is often place-specific and interactive, projecting her video works in urban locations. Her works particularly revolve around the themes of communication and the shared features of human experience. The work is a multi-faceted narrative showing us that truth has many aspects and that our memories are subjective.

A recurrent theme in Eva Koch’s video works is the anonymous individual seen from a collective viewpoint. In her large-scale interactive video work VILLAR the viewer is given insight into a family whose lives have been affected by war.

Eva Koch’s sculptures relate in scale to man’s own physical presence, most notably in her Earth Sculpture near the city of Esbjerg, created out of 800,000 cubic meters of earth, a clear landmark in the West Jutland landscape.

She has represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale and the Biennale of Sydney, Australia

She is currently represented by Martin Asbæk Gallery.


Annette K. Olesen Film Director.

Graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1991.

Olesen's international breakthrough came with the intense, character-driven drama "Minor Mishaps" (2002) which won Der Blaue Engel at the Berlin International Film Festival. "In your Hands" followed in 2004, a Dogme-tinged prison drama selected for the main competition in Berlin. Also selected for competition in Berlin was "Little Soldier" (2008), about a female soldier who returns from Afghanistan, rootless and traumatised.

Olesen entered into a new genre with her political thriller "The Shooter" (2013) which discusses the thin line between idealism and terrorism.


Prior to her feature films Annette K. Olesen directed a number of experimental shorts, including "Juliet's Balcony" (1992)

She has also directed several episodes of the DR TV series "Borgen" (2010) and is frequently teaching at the National Film School of Denmark.


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