60Seconds and no sound, a festival in the urban space:


Since its conception, the organisers of 60Seconds Festival have experimented with manifold possibilities for urban projections - embraced and enhanced by the vibrant city of Copenhagen. Every year the festival´s style of expression is redefined through a creative process for our ultimate audience, the city passbyer!


A Metro festival in its first 2 years, 60Seconds Festival gradually evolved into its current blueprint. Every year exciting opportunities and creative methods have helped weave the festival's films into the fabric of our metropolis. In 2017 we will proudly celebrate the 10 year anniversary of 60Seconds Festival.


The ultra-short story with its format of one minute without sound, opens up a dialogue with the viewer and gives artists the opportunity to show films in public spaces where both the locals and the city’s visitors get busy with the business of living and exploring.


60seconds is a Short Film Festival showcasing 10 shortlisted films in urban spaces in and around Copenhagen. It is the only one of its kind, where silent, 60 second films and their projections in an urban setting are an integral part of the festival’s concept.




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