60Seconds in Copenhagen, 2006-2016

60Seconds Editions

...an ultra short film of 60Seconds with no sound?


The ultra short story told in one minute and without sound challenges the artist to be creative, yet poignant and create a powerful dialogue with the viewer. The public showing of the film gives artists an opportunity to share their work and create moments of art in people's daily life and the busy urban space.


Every year we choose a theme for the festival inspiring new ways to communicate with the audience in the city. In this way the theme is both a guideline and unity pointer for all the films as well as a reference to our jury.


"Human rights", "Secrets", "Conquer the City Space" and "Close up" have been some of the previous themes that the artists had to take into consideration before deciding how they will approach the audience within the theme guidelines and sending us their films.


The festival's goal is also to find new talents, challenge their creativity and giving them the opportunity to share their art works to a wide audience and gain greater exposure worldwide.


A professional jury of artists and film makers designate the 10 films that will be shown during the festival as well as the winner of the First Prize. The jury will also appoint the films that will go on to compete for the Audience Award. The films will be screened on our website where the audience cast their votes that will determine the winner of the Audience Award.


The Jury Award prize is 15,000 DKK.

The Audience award is 8,000 DKK.